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Jay Ross is a Product Leader based out of Northern California. Jay created Wyze Product, LLC to help individuals and companies improve how they do product to achieve their personal and product goals.

Whatever your goals, I can help you achieve them

Jay helps Product Managers and companies accomplish all of the following:

Grow your career

I can help you whether you are new to product, or are looking to grow your career. I can help you get a promotion or a raise.


Learn how to identify your market, channels, competitors, and set the foundation for your product.


Learn the best ways to organize your product and engineering organizations, as well as your extended product development teams for optimal success.


The art of the pitch is something all Product Professionals must know. It is not about just having a good product and a good deck, it is about having a great story and a reason for who you are pitching to be interested.


Knowing where you are going is the first step to figuring out what you should be doing “next”.

*Yes, strategery is a word, and it is way more fun that “Strategic Planning” or “Product Strategy”.


Simple and practical methods for setting your product backlog and managing change. There are many options for this, and I can help you identify what will work for you.

And much, much more. Contact me to find out how I can help.

Engage your way

Jay offers direct consulting, training packages, and custom programs designed to achieve your goals

Direct Consulting

  • Hourly or packages.
  • 1:1 or with your team.
  • Advising or project based.
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Teacher holding a book in front of a chalkboard with writing on it.
Training packages

Training Packages

For you or your team

  • Tailored to your product.
  • Aligned to your goals.
  • Any topic in the Product Development realm.

Custom Programs

Because getting from point A to B is not the same for everybody, and Rome was not built in a day.

  • Tailored package for your personal or corporate goals.
  • Step by step plans.
  • Routine check-ins and goal tracking.
Image of a spiral staircase looking down.
One step at a time

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