A Product Leader

Hi, I am Jay and I am passionate about building products that solve real problems. I have been successful in launching and growing products in various markets with a focus in life sciences and healthcare.

Most of the products I have managed have been software products. I have managed everything including: on premise systems and hosted systems; cloud-based multi-tenant systems; direct to consumer apps and platforms; and platform based solutions ready to scale with multiple products.

I have helped companies of all sizes organize their product and engineering teams, grow their products, and achieve success in the market. Most recently, I have spent my time helping healthcare startups establish their products in the market with multiple successful exits.

Professional picture of Jay

Where I have helped

I have helped biotech firms launch and manage clinical trials; pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies manage quality control of products through testing; physicians document their medical records; hospitals and payers to share medical records; payers to auto-adjudicate claims; patients recover from MSK conditions; and workers to avoid and recover from injury.

Currently, I am consulting with and advising a few startups in stealth mode across a variety of industries.

When I am not working

I enjoy Photography, restoring classic cars, and a bit of woodworking here and there.

Moon view through North Window Arch in Arches National Park

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